As a general rule of thumb, if you are inexperienced in dance or a total beginner, but your dance partner has more experience than you. We would encourage you to take the level one class.

It also depends on your dance partner. If your partner is willing to be happy there with you in the trenches, learning, and be patient with you to see you grow, that would be awesome. Take it together! If you feel like or they feel like they may be bored, that’s not going to be a great dance experience for either of you.

One suggestion sometimes, and people do this, is, at first, the person with the least experience takes a couple classes to catch up, to start to get better, and then the advanced partner joins them for group classes.

The other option is always private classes. The reason that private classes are great is that the instructor tailors it specifically to your level and your dance partner’s level.

All in all, it really comes down to is this, let’s say your dance partner is someone you a love interest of yours. In those cases, it could be a great experience of seeing it as a date night. Maybe you’re just friends and you want to have a great time, but you don’t want to dance with others, but you want to connect and hang out with a friend, another great reason to take a lower-level class for the person with the least amount of experience.

However, if you feel like or your partner feels like they will be bored, definitely taking a class together will make it a great experience. For someone who’s learning, they will feel self-conscious with someone being advanced, and possibly someone who’s advanced may be bored. They might feel not challenged and just may make it difficult for the beginner to learn.

Do the class of the level of the person that needs the most growth. That means, if someone is level one, someone is level four, do the level one class so that the level one person can climb up and that you can have fun together.

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Welcome to the family.