Well it was another awesome outing to Montana Lounge Sunday night as almost 250 people danced the evening away. Christianne and Carolina taught the absolute beginner class, Rob and Sara sexied it up with the level 1 class, and Evan and I challenged the more intermediate students with a complex turn pattern (poor men are still dizzy from the turn, turn and a half, hook turn, etc. combination!).

Even though it was hot in there, it didn’t stop the crowd from taking advantage of the lessons and dancing non-stop. I was happy to see lots of beginners on the dance floor, practicing their right turns and open breaks and, as usual, I as always proud to see the level 3s and up practicing the more complicated moves and looking really great!

It was nice of everyone to remember that I recently celebrated my birthday and, in the usual salsa tradition, I received a birthday dance (in fact, not one but two and later on an added bonus). A birthday dance basically means everyone gathers around in a circle and takes a quick turn dancing with the birthday boy or girl. It usually lasts one or two songs. Yesterday was quite hot and it was hard to dance more then 2 songs in a row with close to 20 partners, switching from leading to following, from dancing on 1 to dancing on 2. However, it was great fun and thanks to all who participated and Evan for setting it up!

Later on Teddy Olaso and the gang from United Salseros/Mambo Mosaic did another dance which as also quite hilarioun and I danced with many partners I haven’t seen in a while…thanks to Jessie, Brian, Jason, Kerem, and more for the dance!

Many people have asked me questions about birthday dance etiquette so tomorrow I will offer some tips on this salsa tradition.

Our next outing is Friday, August 24th at 8:30pm at Plaza Flamingo for a special evening of bachata with Alex Bello. More info to follow!