Here is the last part of Linda’s adventure at the Miami Salsa Congress … thanks Linda!

“Miami Salsa Congress 2007…thoughts by Linda Domenichini!

Bachata! What a nice way to start the morning. We were so excited to take that class and build upon the basics that we’ve learned in level 1 at TDS. There is a cute move that instructor Jorge Elizondo (Texas) dubbed “popcorn.” Ask me to dance bachata and maybe I will show it to you! Puerto Rican style salsa was next on the agenda with Jhesus Aponte (Puerto Rico). Jhesus is a fantastic performer, but we were so tired that we were struggling to pick up the advanced on2 shines and turn pattern. Transitioning from on1 to on2 is tough enough, but the lack of sleep didn’t help us. Luckily, Joby Brava’s (L.A.) ladies styling on1 class helped us to gain back some of our confidence. We rocked it! But then, we were told about another injury: Andy Cruz, scheduled to teach us some mambo hip hop, came hobbling into the room in crutches, but he showed us his support, as an instructor from Salsa Lovers (Miami) took over and taught us an athletic shines combo. We sure did heat up the floor! I finished the day with a dips and tricks class with Al & Karla Espinoza (L.A). This is my second class with Al & Karla; I had the opportunity to take class with them last year during the Canada Salsa Congress. I enjoy their classes because their millennium style really focuses on musicality. I did the shines section of the class, but as there weren’t enough men available, I sat out and observed the dips portion and how they broke it down and explained the technique. I tried it with a couple of the men when the class was dismissed and I got it! So, it was a very leadable turn pattern and trick/dip. After all my hard work, I rewarded myself with a swim in the ocean before the last night of performances and dancing. The evening included yet another memorable performance by Al and Karla Espinoza. Can you imagine salsa dancing to a James Brown song? Well, it is possible! Al came out dressed as the “Godfather of Soul” and injected a little bit of comedy into a spectacular salsa routine. I also lost my voice cheering for Toronto’s own Los Salsomanos. The night ended with more dancing into the wee hours of the morning, and as I rested in between dances, I enjoyed watching a very advanced rueda circle.

I am very pleased that I had the opportunity to grow as a dancer by attending the Miami Salsa Congress. I was inspired to continue my salsa development by the wonderful people I met, the classes I took, and through the performances that I saw. If you ever get the opportunity to go to a congress, please go because it is worth it. I am really looking forward to the Canada Salsa Congress in Toronto this coming October. I hope to see you all there celebrating our love of Latin dance and music!”