Is Salsa or Bachata better?

If you want the most Latin dance in the world, pick Salsa and if you want a vacation, pick Bachata. Honestly, you can’t go wrong in either dance but want some help. Don’t worry, you belong on the dance floor, and here are some fundamental differences between the styles of dance.


Maybe you are looking to learn so on your next vacation you can bust those moves. Salsa is definitely better than Bachata. You don’t have to speak the local language to go to a Salsa club and dance. So if you are looking to learn the most practical dance (the one you will see anywhere in every country in the world), then learn Salsa. Bachata is number 2 in terms of popularity when you go to a Latin club. Really close second but still second.


At our school, even if you have two left feet, we can still teach you to dance. Still, maybe you are really nervous and want to start at a lower difficulty. Is Salsa or Bachata better then? Bachata is the answer! The beats are even, it’s harder to hear the music, the moves come quicker. I won’t say don’t do Salsa, it letterly made me fall in love with all styles of dance. d

Pace (Learning vs Music)

If you are looking to learn as quickly as possible and wondering then pick Bachata, if you want quick energetic music then learn Salsa. Dancing Bachata is like being on a beach as the sun is setting, no work tomorrow. Salsa is like driving down a highway with great people, music blasting, as you go 120km/hr (that 90m/hr for our American friends). Since Bachata is easier at our school by the end of Bachata Level 1 we learn to dip the follower, in Salsa, we learn dips in Level 4. Simply put it takes more skill to do that kind of move. So fast learning is Bachata, fast music and energy is Salsa.

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