I feel like I can’t do justice with how many Salsa benefits there are. My life got transformed for the better when I started to take Salsa dance classes in 2009. I found my family, I found a place where I belong, and I found my mission, but I want to make it simple for you, for the everyday person, the person who might not want to make this a career path. So here are the top three benefits if you start taking Salsa dance classes.

First benefit: You will be part of a positive community.

It is insane!. I never knew how much I was starving for positivity until I started to surround myself with Salsa dancers.  When I went to my first Salsa class, everybody wanted to dance with me, and not only the volunteers at the school but other students were so kind. Even though I was the worst dancer, my experience was incredible. Honestly, I spent my whole life feeling like an outsider, and when I started taking my dance classes, I felt like maybe I didn’t have to think like that anymore.

The Salsa community is a fantastic group to be part of because everyone just wants to connect, share, be kind to each other, and be supportive. Some of the closest friends I call my family now came from the Salsa dance community. And so, becoming part of an amazing community is just one, the easy one and the most essential one benefit.

Second benefit: You can discover your inner confident king and queen.

I am blessed and grateful because I found confidence dancing Salsa. I was an insecure kid. I was insecure about my body, about my moves on the dance floor and off the dance floor. My posture was off; I felt everything was off. And when I started to learn how to improve my posture and move my body with grace, I began to feel secure. Some studies demonstrate the importance of power postures and standing up with your chest out and high like a superhero.  Guess what? When you’re dancing, you have to do that, and little by little, you end up owning the confident posture.

I firmly believe that confidence doesn’t come without hard work, doing something challenging, and seeing the reward in growth. And the thing about Salsa is, you’d never stop growing. There’s always a new thing to learn. There’s always a new thing to expand. So after 12 years of dancing and running a dance school, I’m still learning new things about Salsa, not only how to teach it better, but how to dance better, how to move better. So confidence is the second benefit.

Third benefit:  You will learn to appreciate slowing down.

Every part of my life, I always rush to the next meeting, to the next class, to the next thing. I think we’re living in a world that overstimulates us, a world where we can’t just sit still and be present. And yet, that’s the thing that we need most, to be present with our friends, family, and ourselves. So just to slow down a bit, slow down, and smell the roses.

When you’re dancing with someone for four minutes, you’re not thinking about anything, and in that little moment you can experience an incredible peace. It’s really an addictive feeling all Salsa dancers experience. Even if you had a long overwhelming day, once you get on the dance floor you can turn all that off and for a couple  of minutes or for a couple  of hours, you can just be present and free and happy. So the third benefit is that Salsa helps you to slow down.

Gang, there are so many Salsa benefits that I can talk about and you will find more about this topic if you visit our website where you’ll see blog posts on it.

Salsa saved my life. It helped me get my purpose and helped me find my inner confident self. It helped me surround myself with a more positive community and helped me slow down. When I felt overwhelmed in life and I just needed a little mini-vacation, I would go and dance Salsa.

So, what are you waiting for? Come join, Let’s dance.

I can’t wait to welcome you to our big family, have you coming in week to week, having fun, connecting with new friends and letting lose to amazing Latin songs. Click here to check our current schedule.

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