There are many styles of dance for Salsa. The original style did in fact come from Cuba in the 19th century and evolved quite a bit. It’s a combination of several mixes of dance including Rumba, Son and several others.

Just like anything else Salsa evolved as it reached different parts of the world.

From Cuban Salsa to Casino Rueda Salsa, to L.A. Salsa, to New York Style, to Cumbia, to Miami style and who knows how it will evolve in the future. (Different Styles of Salsa)

The thing that stayed consistent has been big energy, fun, connection, and flow.

You can’t help but want to move when you hear it. (Music)

Salsa is one of the few dances that you can travel to any part of the world and find a club to dance in. (Countries)

I think the best part of Salsa is you don’t have to be Latin to have it be a part of your life.

You can be from any walk of life and learn it and feel like you #belong on the dance floor.

So don’t wait and sign up and see what all the fun is about!