I don’t want to pick favorites! It is like asking a parent who is their favorite child? But there are many reasons why bachata can be someone’s favorite type of Latin dance:

  1. It is easier to learn than salsa. Bachata is four even beats that is counted in eights – step, step, step, tap and then it repeats. Salsa is also eight beats but the slow part uses two beats – one, two, slow down, five, six, slow down. So you start seeing improvement a lot earlier in bachata. The basic steps of bachata are mastered in five to 10 minutes of the first class.
  2. Bachata makes you feel like you are on a beach. Bachata has a different energy. Salsa is like driving on the Autobahn. It is all about speed and energy and tricks. While bachata is like hanging out at the beach, having a barbecue, laughing, singing, and dancing in the sand with a bunch of friends. Both are amazing but bachata is more calm and it is a lot more playful and fun. There is no rushing in bachata. So if you want something a little more chill then starting with bachata is a good move. 
  3. You learn a lot more quickly in Bachata. It goes back to it being easier to learn. You see the wins earlier. So for example at our studio by the end of bachata level one we are already doing dips. While in salsa we don’t do dips until level four because it just takes a lot more work to be coordinated enough to dance on beat and do a dip in salsa. We do other advanced moves in salsa but dips take a while to master. 
  4. My favorite reason is that it depends on my mood. When I want to burn off steam or I have a ton of energy or I want to do something risky and exciting then I go for salsa every time. It feels like I’m driving on the Autobahn at 160 miles an hour and it feels incredible. But when I want to connect and slow down and be playful, enjoy my time on the beach and mellow out then bachata is my thing. 


So I do love both. Honestly, you cannot make a mistake starting in either bachata or salsa. There are Latin clubs all over the world, so you can go anywhere and find a nightclub that plays bachata or salsa and most will play both. You will have an amazing time Latin dancing because it is all about having fun, connecting with awesome human beings and burning off some steam. So pick either bachata or salsa and start your journey!


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Whether you are dancing bachata or salsa – remember you #belong on the dance floor!