You can definitely learn to dance even if you speak zero English.

Our instructors are very animated. Everything that we talk about, we demo and explain with our hands and our body. So, it might be a little bit challenging but I think if any school could do it. It’s our school definitely!

We’ve had students who don’t even speak English at all. They have zero English knowledge and they’ve learned. They progressed through different levels in Salsa and Bachata.

If you want to pick a dance that’s easy to start learning especially if you don’t speak English at all. I’d say, in general, Bachata is easier of the two dance to pick up. It has only four beats, unlike Salsa which has eight beats. So, if there’s anywhere to start that would be it.

Even if your English is not good, don’t let it stop you from doing what you want. Don’t live life with regrets!

If you want to do a class and you don’t speak much English, it’s okay. You’ll be good. Just follow all the other students around. You look and pay attention to all the gestures that the instructors and the other students are doing and you’ll learn.

One of the cool things about learning to dance is that you can imitate it. Watching other people do it, you can learn to imitate and get better. Don’t let yourself be the obstacle to your own happiness at our school.

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Welcome to the family.