Unfortunately no, but we have exceptions.

There are two main reasons why we don’t let students record.

First, every minute counts and we want to use every minute for having fun or learning. It takes time away at the end of class or during the middle of class to have everybody, find their phones, bring up the cameras and just start recording. It takes away time from dancing, having fun, connecting, growing and evolving. We think that there are more valuable things we can do during those minutes that people are looking for their phone and making sure that it’s recorded.

The second reason is for copyright. We actually used to let students record but what we found is no matter how much we asked students not to post, someone always posts on YouTube and on other social media They post the classes everywhere and it kind of ruins the experience. So we decided, to make it fair, not to record. By doing that, we don’t have to police students and watch all the different social media that people can post the videos.

Now the exceptions are, for example, one is when we do workshops. We actually do allow, because these are one-off things. We also do allow students to record those in the highest level classes. This is as of now a Salsa level 6 and Bachata level 4. We do allow students to record also on our Saturday parties where we do lessons. These are the drop-in lessons where we also let students record.

The third is just a little bit of privacy. Some other students are not comfortable being recorded on camera. So when you record, there’s a mirror that would make reflection and other people are being recorded that might not want to be recorded. Very rarely, but we had a few complaints about that.

So all in all in our group classes, we do not let students record. Ultimately, if the reason that you want to record us is to make sure you remember the moves. One biggest tip is at the end of the class, as you step outside, grab your cell phone, grab one of the students, one of the classmates and record the combinations. I think the biggest win of all is actually focusing in class on learning, having fun and not worrying about pulling out your camera and record.

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