Our minimum number of students is 10 and the max is 40 students.

In such a big studio, anything less than our minimum number and the classes aren’t fun and they’re not energetic. That’s 10 people in a room plus an instructor, assistant, and helpers. The maximum number is 40 students, which sounds like a lot, but it’s actually not. It’s just 20 couples.

What makes our school unique is we can handle 40 students as well as we can handle 10. This is because we have helpers and volunteers. So in our school, every class we have four to six volunteers. These are leaders and followers who are students of ours that have completed those levels. So they’ve complete level one, level two, level three, and they’d go back to the lower levels in order to assist us in making it a great experience.

If you are in rotation, you will have a chance to dance with one of these helpers who can help guide you if the instructor is not around. But the way the class experience is you have an instructor and you have an assistant upfront. You just don’t have an instructor, so you have both, and they’re teaching you. Once they teach you a move, they turn on some music and you start to practice that move. What they do then is to walk around.

So an assistant instructor, they go on opposite ends of our kind of U-shaped circle and they start to walk around. They see all the couples until they reach the middle. While that’s happening, you also have the volunteers either dancing with the students or also walking around, giving a great experience by answering questions, giving advice, or maybe just a hug.

So even though our maximum number is 40, we make sure that everybody gets attention so that they get the help that they need throughout the class.

Ultimately, as an instructor myself, I love big classes. With big classes, there’s a lot of personalities coming together, a lot of energy coming together, and I really want every single class to be 40 students because it’s just fun for everybody.

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