Absolutely! I’m proud to say that we have made many marriages and great relationships happen.

I’ve met some amazing people and  I’ve had great partners in my life thanks to school. This is a great place to meet someone special.

Here is some general advice. When you come to class, the biggest attention you want to have is just be your open, beautiful self as you rotate and dance with others.  Just feel and vibe out the people that you’d want to be friends with.

One of the things that our school does great is to make it a fun, friendly environment so you can relax, be your full awesome self and bond with other people. One of the ways to do that is we actually ask introspective questions, like for example, “if you were stuck on an island what are three things you would bring with you?”  It offers a great icebreaker. When you write it on your name tag, you get to meet other people and figure out their answers.

I’m not calling it speed-dating…but what I will say is it’s a great way for us to lower our guard and bond. Also, just simply holding hands and touching each other, you get to vibe off and connect with people in a way that I feel is really hard right now.

Majority of our connection comes from social media like Facebook and Instagram. I think what’s great about Instagram or any social media is it’s a great platform for communicating ideas. But for genuine connection, it’s about being in a place with people.

So, definitely this is a great place to meet someone amazing. I had two great friends named Ben and Phoebe who were part of our dancing group that would go out at night to salsa clubs; Babaloo, Six Degrees. These places aren’t around anymore, but seven or eight years ago they were around. So we’d go out in a big posse of friends and go dancing. As our friends and all of us started to get together and closer, amazing, beautiful relationships and lifetime friendships happened because of time we spent together.

I think that if there is a place that you can meet someone great, it’s at our school! What I think is, be obsessed about putting yourself in more places where there are great people in a positive energy environment and somehow everybody ends up pairing up and finding someone special. Our school is definitely one of those places.

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Welcome to the family.