The short answer is, you can have anything you want through hard work.

If you find that you have trouble with coordination, if you practice just a little bit between classes, it makes a big difference. The true story is, I started at the school in Salsa level one and I was not as talented as a dancer. I was extremely clumsy and did not have coordination.

I was so uncoordinated. I remember I was in this gym class in high school and we’re rushing to go play some sport. I’m trying to rush and while putting on my shorts in front of all my friends. I get one foot through the shorts and I tried to put the other foot in but I stick between the divider for the legs and I fall in front of all my friends. It was so bad and I got teased for a long time. That’s how bad I was.

I remember when I started to take Salsa Level 1 that at the end of my classes I would go to a public park by myself and I would just practice steps over and over… and now I run a dance studio. So, it doesn’t matter if you have two left feet. I had two left feet, it just took a little more hard work.

Our school is designed to make sure that adults feel like they can coordinate themselves and that they feel like they can move. So we stack our material week by week cumulatively  little by little.

That’s why we don’t do drop in in our group classes. Because with drop-ins, especially if someone who has two left feet like I did, you’re going to have a really hard time.  So we make sure in the first class that you learn basic terms. Then in the second class, you’ll learn your partner’s turns and so forth and you stack it.

So if you have two left feet, maybe you’re going to have to work a little bit harder but it’s worth it.

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Welcome to the family.