It all starts with clicking on the “Register now.” button.

Then select the class that you want and pick whether you’re coming in with a partner or by yourself. You reserve your spot and make a payment online. That’s all.

The process is easy. 🙂

We really want to encourage the students to actually register online, not in person; the reason for that is our school is very unique because we make sure that everybody has dance partners. To make that happen we need to know how many Leaders and Followers are in the class. So, if you try to come in on the day-of to register for that class unfortunately sometimes we have to say no. Because if our numbers are not balanced or if the class is sold out, we can’t add more students to that class. It gives a poor experience to everyone.

So how do you register? All you need to do is you go on our website of, create a profile, pick the class you want. And then on the day of the class all you need to do is come in because your name is going to be on the attendance.

On the day of the class all you really need to do then is just bring a big smile. Come in with a smile and relax. We will take care of everything because before the class started you took care of your part by registering online.

Thank you so much for watching. If you have a question for me that you want me to answer in a later video please leave it in the comments below. Otherwise, if you want to register for one of our classes just visit our website of

Welcome to the family.