As the date for your first class approaches, keep one thing in mind: learning to salsa dance is supposed to be fun.  It’s that simple. So all of our classes are structured, our instructors trained, and everything we do at Toronto Dance Salsa, to help students learn salsa in a fun, almost effortless way.

Yes, you will learn and grow into an inspired, skilled salsa dancer — but you’ll do so while laughing and making friends along the way.

That’s why as you prepare for your first salsa lesson at Toronto Dance Salsa, you can look forward to an immersive, fun and creative experience. To sum up: prepping for our Toronto salsa class is EASY!

Get ready for fun in our friendly dance community: all the essentials you’ll need.

Here’s what to bring to salsa class at Toronto Dance Salsa: 

Really, you only need one thing: bring an open mindset. That’s it. Really! At TDS, a salsa dancing class isn’t about mastering the technical skills — it’s about having fun! That is key and much more important than getting the steps immediately or “exactly right.”

In salsa, as we teach it at our studio, you can express yourself in your unique way. There is no set-in-stone right or wrong. Because that wouldn’t only be boring, but it places to much pressure on students.

And if you’re worried about whether you need to find and bring a partner with you, you don’t even need a partner for salsa lessons at TDS!

You see? You’re already ready! Wasn’t that easy?

All about salsa dance class attire.

Ok. By now, you must be thinking, “Let’s get real. What do I wear for my first salsa dance lesson?” Our answer — wear what feels good! It is that simple.

Clothing: Your comfort is key. Dress for keeping cool and easy movement. Dress in something that makes you feel relaxed. (Even a bathrobe, if that does it for you!) If you want to express your style as well, think about what you’d wear to the corner coffee shop. This could be a comfy t-shirt and shorts, jeans and a top, a comfortable dress — or anything in between.

Shoes: For salsa levels one and two at TDS, you won’t need special shoes. Wear shoes with smooth soles. Be sure your heel is held in place firmly in your shoe, so you can step securely and confidently. Choose a shoe that feels comfortable. You’re also free to express yourself with your salsa shoe style, but no worries; you’ll be amazing in even the plainest shoe!

Serious dance shoes: Once you get further into your salsa lessons, you can get more creative because you will have practical experience with what feels best to you. For best performance, choose a shoe with a suede sole. These are not street shoes, so you’ll need to bring them and change when you reach the studio. Heels should be under two inches. You can also get feedback from classmates and instructors, or check out what others are wearing at our salsa dance parties and socials.

Salsa dance success tips for an amazing experience at TDS.

Plan to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early for your salsa lesson. Give yourself time to deal with any traffic or TTC delays (we’re located right at North York Station), so you can easily get started without nerves. Introduce yourself to the attendance person. We’ll help you feel right at home!

You’ll next meet our instructor and assistant instructor, plus our volunteer helpers. The helpers are students just like you, but with a bit more experience. Let them share their advice, support and confidence (and their love of learning dance) with you!

As your first salsa class starts, you’ll follow our instructor in a few moves facing the mirror. We learn through repetition, humour, and actually dancing! Soon, we’ll partner you up. Throughout the class, you’ll rotate, dancing with every other partner during the lesson. Any nerves you felt at the beginning dissolve into laughter. New friendships start up quickly in our classes.

Learn how to salsa at your own pace.

Aleks, the lead instructor at Toronto Dance Salsa, has created our studio to make sure you feel comfortable. Rather than run-of-the-mill dance lessons, TDS brings together a group of passionate people for a creative, expressive and overall fun experience. And all too soon, you’ll look forward to joining us every week! Here’s why:

At TDS, you learn salsa and join a vibrant community of creative, energetic friends here in Toronto. Together with our welcoming instructors, you will grow your dance skills, almost without realizing it has happened. All the while, you’re immersed in a fun experience, enjoying the culture and creativity of dance — with a group where you always #belong.

Get started at Toronto Dance Salsa today! Sign up for class here!

Get more information by writing to [email protected].

Drop by to meet us with your questions! Come to our weekly Open House at our Empress Walk studio, on Tuesdays, between 5:30 pm and 6 pm.