There is no right level to go social dancing, it really comes down to being courageous and letting yourself be uncomfortable.

For me, I waited until Level 4 to start social dancing because as a leader, I was worried I don’t have enough moves to make the partner happy. My fear was I’m going to look like a fool and in the middle of the dance, they’re going to walk away.

In the nine years I’ve been dancing, I’ve only had a few in the thousands of dances where a person has walked off the dance floor in the middle of a dance with me. I realized that it was more a reflection of them and not me. 🙂

I remember there was a bunch of times I would go to the social and just sit on the bench and watch other people dance. Then, I started dancing and I realized it’s not such a big deal and that’s the thing.

Coming out social dancing is not a big deal. One of the biggest benefits I learned from social dancing was I can always get better. I am enough and that’s a bigger one to realize.

Every single week we have three socials and these socials at our school are specifically designed to be student-friendly. The last thing we want is for students to be overwhelmed. When you come in, come find me. I’ll dance with you and I’ll introduce you to people.

The most important thing you have to understand is the fear you have and the doubt you have. The most satisfying moments in life come from pushing past the fear even when the fear is there. That’s the definition of courage. You only learn to feel like you’re enough when you start to do it. Because no one is perfect, and everyone makes mistakes. Even when I dance, I make mistakes and that’s okay.

How do I know if you’re ready to go social dancing? If you’re asking that question, then you are ready!

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Welcome to the family.