Just bring a smile because we take care of the partners. 🙂

Our whole school has been designed that everyone is taken care of. How’s this even possible? When you register for classes ahead of time and reserve a spot it gives us a big picture of each class. We can see how many men and women are in it before it starts. Really, it’s us seeing how many leaders and followers there are because women can lead and follow and men can follow and lead.

The point is, we look at the ratio of people so that everyone has someone to dance with. The last thing we want is for people to come in and not have someone to dance with. So, we take care of you as long as you register online, which is why we don’t do drop-in lessons.

When you come to your first class, your instructor is going to partner you up. Then every five to six minutes of the class you get to rotate and dance with all the other students in the class. This creates great friendships and connections. It will also help you learn to adjust to every dance partner. 

If there is a question, dancing or school-related, you want me to answer, please leave it in the comments below. And if you want to take classes with us, click REGISTER NOW

Welcome to the family.