How to Learn Salsa Quickly 

I was one of the worst students when I started Salsa classes. I repeated all the levels in Salsa multiple times. I can help you avoid some of the mistakes I made. And so, if you’re looking to pick up Salsa quickly, apply these three hacks.

Tip 1. Don’t Look at Your Feet!

I know it seems wrong. But think about this. Can you ride a bike while looking down at the pedals? Maybe you can for a split second, but it won’t work for long. You are moving forward while biking. If you don’t look where you are going, you will eventually crash into something or fall over. Dancing is the same – you are moving. So the fastest way to learn how to ride a bike or to dance is to look up. You need to learn what it feels like to dance Salsa. You need to feel your feet move to a certain rhythm so that it becomes muscle memory.  That is much stronger than seeing what happens.

I don’t enjoy saying, “don’t do this.” Inevitably, people do what you tell them not to. So one quick hack is to keep your chest open. If you keep your chest open, you will not be able to look down. If you apply this, you’ll be able to pick up Salsa quickly.

Tip 2. Count Out Loud

Every student struggling with their basics is shocked when I walk up to them and ask them to count out loud. After 30 seconds of counting, they are magically able to dance. Suddenly they start to do something they thought that they never could.

I love rules and structure. Rules and structure created a way for me to succeed. So if you want to learn Salsa, count out the eight beats. It will be a lifesaver for you. But you have to count out loud. Don’t be embarrassed! It will help your partner. Because the reality is that we are better thinkers if we think out loud. So the next time you are in class or even at a club (whisper if you have to), move your lips and count those numbers. You will learn Salsa more quickly.

Tip 3. Dance When You’re Brushing Your Teeth

That’s right,  I said it! Dance when you’re brushing your teeth or when you are cooking or when you are waiting for the bus. Dance whenever you can. Turn on some music, put in your headphones, blast that Salsa music and dance. You don’t need a partner. Do your basics, your turns, whatever you want. The important thing is practice.

Think of when you learn to drive. How do you learn to be a better driver? You need more road experience. Dance is the same. You will improve at anything if you put in more practice. If you’re dancing more, you’ll learn Salsa super quickly.

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