How Salsa Classes Can Help You Live Longer

In my salsa classes, I say I look forward to all of us dancing until we are one hundred and three years old. Salsa classes can not only extend your life but the quality of your life. That’s what counts. Not just living longer but living better.

Solving Loneliness 

One of the highest predictors of depression and decreased life expectancy is loneliness. Research consistently shows that people who are isolated, and don’t feel a sense of community or belonging have a lower quality of life.

Loneliness is banished in the studio every day. I see the light and energy come back into the students’ eyes when they find the Salsa community. Students create friendships that spill over into socials and their personal lives. Some of my closest friends are people I met when I took Salsa classes.

The sense of connection and community that Salsa classes create is tremendous. Humans are social creatures. We all need connection in our lives. If no one felt lonely, we’d all have better lives.

Physical Activity

I don’t enjoy gyms. I don’t like running.  I’m not a fan of lifting heavy weights. Yet, when I get on a dance floor, I can dance for three hours, sweat up a storm, my heart rate goes up, and I have fun.

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the highest indicators of a lower quality of life and statistically a shorter lifespan. That’s pretty obvious. Today more people are working from home or just going into the office for eight hours and coming home only to sit and zone out on Netflix. Most of us could use more physical activity in our lives.

Salsa classes help you live longer simply by getting you out of your house. It will help you get moving in a fun and healthy way that can transform your life.

Preventing Memory Loss

Studies show Salsa classes can help prevent memory loss. You are continually growing and learning in Salsa classes. Your mind is constantly active. The best line I heard was from Tony Robbins, “if you are not growing, you’re dying.” That is so true!

The adage “use it or lose it” is also true. You don’t have to worry about that in Salsa classes. There are new partners to dance with, new moves and combo to learn. There is always a next level and something new to experience. So your mind is constantly challenged. There is always a new mountain to climb.

So if you want to live a longer, healthier, more fulfilled life, you should take Salsa classes.

I can’t wait to welcome you to our big family, have you coming in from week to week, having fun, socializing, and letting loose to amazing Latin songs. Click here to check our current schedule.

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