Well the moment that I’ve been told would happen has finally come… I’m absolutely loving this whole performance experience. I must admit that throughout this whole process that I’ve been quite anxious… what if I’m not good enough… what if I can’t lead my partner… what if I forget the routine? It’s taken a while, but I’m finally over the hump and now am really enjoying the whole process.

Today was also a cool day because there was a level 1 condensed class waiting outside the door and it kind of felt like we had an audience. Being that much closer to the reality of being in front of people makes it that much sweeter. Speaking of sweet, we went over the costume situation and I’m so relieved to know that we’re not wearing any skin-tight, glittery outfits… I always think classy trump glitz.

If you are thinking about joining a performance team I highly recommend it. Maybe you’ll love it from the get-go or maybe it’ll take a little longer? Once thing is for sure, give it about 4-5 weeks and I’m sure the performance bug will hit you just like it has with me!

Till then,
Stay Shining Salseros!