Last weekend TDS put on a second Dips & Tricks Workshop as the first was so popular! In true Tracie and Daniel fashion, this second workshop featured moves that were both impressive and exciting to execute! From the Tower to Repetitive Dips, everyone left feeling like a pro and had a pretty intense core workout.

Once again the main focus of the class was how to safely preform show-stopping tricks in social settings. Learning how to utilize our core muscles and proper technique, we learned a series of slick moves that not only round out the ones learned in the first session, but stand on their own. It was great to see people trying out their moves at the Sunday Social.

One of my favourite moves was to learn Daniel’s signature move. While I can’t give away the secret, I can say that it’s a very cool move that involves the leader getting down on one knee!

If you weren’t able to attend these workshops you may want to attend any future ones as eventually you’ll find yourself wanting to know how to safely dip yourself and/or your dance partner. If you want to check out the workshop again, be sure to email T.D.S. and request another one… you won’t be disappointed.

Did you take the workshop? Let me know in the comments about how you liked it.

Till then,
Stay Shining Salseros!