We have been really lucky to have so many awesome outings this semester. Last Friday was no exception as we had over 250 people attend the outing at Plaza Flamingo with a special performance by our helper performance team.

We were quite worried that the snow would keep everyone away. This was the 3rd outing this semester that was effected by the snow storms in Toronto. However, even the storm couldn’t keep our salsa friends away!

We started the night with 3 lessons. Kimberly and Mark taught the absolute beginner class, Emely and Rob taught the level 1 class, and Evan and I taught the level 2 and up class. Each was very well attended and, although the combos were difficult as always, our students rose up to the challenge.

At 11:15pm the helper group was announced by Caryl. The couples performing were:

1. David & Katie
2. Khemara & Kelly
3. Alex & Ildi
4. Manuel & Nicole
5. Barry & Carolina
6. George & Pansy
7. Mark & Stella

It was amazing to see the confidence in this performance. Many of the helpers had performed at least once if not twice before now and that bit of added experience makes a huge difference. I was so proud of all the performers and Caryl for creating such a great choreography and having the courage to see it through. Hopefully it has inspired many of the students to one day perform themselves.

Our next outings are confirmed:
Sunday March 16th at 7pm at El Rancho
Friday March 28th at 9:30pm at Plaza Flamingo

See you all then!