I came across a great salsa website that I think you would all benefit from called Nuevotec Productions. They have a ton of video interviews with some of the best salsa performers and instructors in the world.

What I like about this website is that they have started creating documentaries that you can view online. Their first documentary is about couples competing in the World Salsa Championships. It is an interesting viewing of the lives of serious salsa competitors. I loved seeing Darlin Garcia featured in the documentary. He is a wonderful dancer from Philadelphia and co-founder of Art in Motion. Four or so years ago when I used to attend a lot of congresses he was one of my favourite people to dance with – full of energy and enthusiasm. Glad to see he is so doing so well.

To see a trailer of the documentary, click here. There seems to be many pieces of the video cut into small segments so that they could upload them onto the website. It is very interesting to hear the competitors discussing what it takes to compete. Hopefully any of our students who are interested in competing in our next competition can view it and get some ideas and pointers about the sport.

I will peruse the website in more detail and highlight some of the interviews I enjoyed most.