Some students are asking if we can having outings at different locations, maybe closer north around mid town. We would love to hold outings at different venues but it is difficult to find for many reasons.

The first is the amount of people. We need a venue where at least 250 people can dance comfortably. That is no small feat. Most clubs can fit 250 people but not for salsa dancing. Much more space is needed for dancing and the floors have to allow for our type of dancing (hardwood is the best for this).

Second of all, we need it to be TTC accessible. Preferably on the subway or street car with street parking in the area. We want to keep it in Toronto or North York for this reason as it is much more central and more people can attend.

Third of all, we need a place that can offer us a Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening. Most places don’t want to do this as salsa dancers don’t spend a lot of money at the bar and so they make more money on regular club nights then salsa evenings. We need a club or restaurant or community centre/church with reasonable expectations that can offer us space on one of these evenings.

If you know of a place, please let us know. We would love to expand to a few more areas especially in mid town.

Happy dancing!