Obviously by now if you have read my posts you know I review a lot of salsa blogs. There actually aren’t that many out there but there are a few good ones. I came across an interesting topic today. The blog is by GoGo Earl, a Salsa-holic from Washington. DC Earl is the creator of www.stuckonsalsa.com which is DC’s up to the minute salsa news network. Click here for his interesting blog post about “The Perfect Dance”.

I am not sure if I have considered in the past if I have had a “Perfect Dance” and I agree with DC Earl that there really can’t be a perfect dance. I have thought a great deal about who have been my all time favourite dancers and I also have a top list of my favs. I am sure my list will constantly change with every year and every new dancer I meet.

Here are a couple of my favourite male congress dancers that I have had the pleasure of dancing with:

Super Mario: By far one of the most fun dancers on the scene, Super Mario is just plain fun. He doesn’t take himself too seriously and every time I dance with him he has amazing fun new turn patterns that keep you on your toes, but at the same time, flow well together. Every congress we laugh at the crazy line up that starts as soon as he walks into the room. He may be underrated as he doesn’t quite look like the typical salsa pro but looks can be deceiving. Ladies, ask him to dance at the next congress and you will have a blast!

Milton Cobo: Now I only had the pleasure once to dance with him but I have never seen him turn down a dance and Milton Cobo always looks at you like you are the only dancer in the whole world. He doesn’t notice the crowds around him – he just loses himself in the dance. Amazing body movement, very sexy styling…I definitely am wowed by his smoothness and skill.

Have you had a perfect dance? Any favourite dancers on your list? Share!