Here is part two of Evan’s tips for private lessons!

Private Lessons – Part 2: Practice Makes Perfect

Guest writer: Evan Carmichael

“They say that for every group class that you take you should practice three hours during the week. You need the time to develop the muscle memory so that by the time you get to the next class your body remembers how to do the lesson from the previous week.

When you take a private lesson you generally learn three times faster than in a group class. The challenge that most people face is that they learn too quickly and they don’t practice. Because you are learning so much in a private lesson you need to practice that much more during the week. If you don’t practice, you won’t improve.

Take a pad of paper and write down what you need to work on. Have you instructor lay out a plan for you on what you should practice and what you need to improve on. You should be able to together create a plan for what you can do for practice sessions between your privates. Then make sure you set a time aside during the day so that you can put on some music and practice your salsa!

Good luck!”