In general, our school doesn’t really focus on workshops, to be honest. We really focus on group lessons and group experiences in full class sessions. 

When we do workshops, we do them during the month of August and December. It’s usually when our semesters end and we have the room to put some quick little workshops. An hour and a half or two hours focusing on leveling up what people skills, like styling or body movement techniques.

Here are some tips where you can pick up some workshops if you don’t have the opportunity to take a workshop with our school:

One amazing place to do workshops is actually at a convention or a congress. We have the great fortune in Canada having a bunch of congresses and conventions. We have professional dancers from around the world being hired to come out to these massive three or four-day events. They’re usually done a long weekend.

Montreal has the Montreal Salsa Convention, Toronto Salsa Congress, Toronto Salsa Convention, Salsa Bachata convention. There are lots of events. If you’d definitely Google, you’ll find a ton of events where you can pick up the specialty workshops and learn knowledge. Things from anything like learning to dance  Zuke, getting better in your body movement, body waves etc. Learning Hustle for example as another type of dance. So, one great place to do workshops definitely is in the conventions.

We do workshops at our Saturday parties. So, if you think of a workshop as just a quick one-hour lesson, you can drop in, pick up a couple of moves, then definitely come to our Saturday parties! We do Salsa lessons, Bachata lessons, Bachata musicality and Salsa musicality where you learn about body movement. Those lessons are great if you’re looking for specific knowledge.

I think the biggest tip that I have for you is definitely just doing a private lesson. Do a private lesson with an instructor that you are really excited to work with. To learn things like body movement, way transfer, turns, or whatever it is that you want to work on. Every instructor tends to focus on different things and specialize in different things. So, you do want to do your research on which instructor will offer you what you are looking for but I’d say if you’re looking for particular specific knowledge, do privates. It saves time and the instructor can just focus on you and really help you grow. If you’re looking for just fun, random workshops to do, then the congresses definitely are one of the best place to do. Even me as a professional dancer, I love to do workshops where there is some international dancer that I massively admire and I want to continue to grow.

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Welcome to the family.