Benefits of Salsa Congresses

Ok this is the last of my 3 part entry of the wonders of Salsa Congresses. I spoke in the last two entries about the benefits of the workshops and the social dancing. There are still a few more benefits.

Every evening of the congress will have about one to one and a half hours of performances. This can be very long when you are already so tired but it is good to commit to seeing the performances for at least one of the evenings. When choosing which evening to attend remember that they leave the best performances for Saturday night. However also remember that there is too little seating in most congresses so get there early to get the proper seat or you may be standing for quite a while.

I recommend seeing performances because it inspires us all to be better dancers. The costumes, music, timing and choreography is very entertaining and exciting to watch and can give you a sense of moves you would like to learn, or the style of dancer you are interested in becoming. It is also great to go out and support everyone as I can’t describe to you the amount of work and dedication that goes into creating a choreography.

The last big benefit is the international contacts that you make at a congress. I don’t take advantage of this enough so I really encourage you all to do so. Keeping in touch with fellow salsa lovers around the world creates a great sense of community and it is always a benefit to you to know people in different countries as you travel around the world.

Hope this gives you a little more info on why you should attend the next congress. Keep dancing!