Salsa Congress Benefits

Yesterday I spoke of some great benefits when it comes to attending a congress. The moral of yesterday’s blog entry was to attend congresses regardless of what level you are in and attend as many workshops as possible and always record what you learn.

Now let’s discuss the social dancing. This is the heart of where the learning is! I can remember several successful congresses full of great social dancing that transformed my salsa skills and gave me more confidence and creativity when I returned to my usual salsa haunts.

Don’t be afraid to ask others to dance. They will likely accept and if they don’t it is not about you. What is amazing about a congress is that you can dance with some of the best dancers in the world and it is usually a very exciting experience. Remember though that if you are a beginner you want to dance with someone who is slightly more advanced then you so that you can learn from them without feeling like you are burdening them with your dancing.

My first congress I barely danced. I mostly watched in wonder at all the amazing social dancing I was seeing. I must admit I thought about giving up dancing in a weak moment but a moment later I felt very inspired and was ready to learn more and advance so that one day I could dance like the women I had seen.

Don’t lose the chance of social dancing at a congress – it is the best training you can get and is the reason why you learned to dance.

Many Toronto Dance Salsa students are heading to Miami in August for their annual congress. They are offering us a full congress pass for $150 which is a great price. Good luck to everyone and hope you all have a great time!