Can You Dance Salsa Solo?

Absolutely! Traditionally, Salsa is danced with a partner. There is a leader who does the signaling and a follower who executes the moves. But the great news is you can also dance Salsa solo.  These are called Salsa Shines. At Toronto Dance Salsa we teach Salsa Shines from level 2 through to level 6. Salsa Shines include everything from basic steps and swivels to more advanced moves like body waves, double and even triple turns.

Salsa Shines

Even when you dance Salsa with a partner, you do Salsa Shines. The leader releases the follower and both the leader and follower dance while facing each other and do their own solo shine patterns for several counts and then come together again.

If you know your basics (dance on 1, 2, 3, pause on 4, dance on 5, 6,7, pause on 8) a great way to learn and practice shines is to check out my dance challenge videos on our YouTube channel ( These videos are specifically designed for solo dancing. I instruct you to do right turns, reverse turns and call out different moves.

These videos not only teach you Salsa shines but they are a great workout when you are doing them solo. They also will boost your confidence. When you start to feel confident dancing solo, you will feel confident no matter who you dance with and make you feel like you #belong on the dance floor.

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