How to Dance Salsa Easy?

Everyone wants to be able to go out social dancing and feel great. Don’t worry! There are numerous ways you can feel more confident on the dance floor.

Get Your Basics Down

Life gets easier once you know the basics – Salsa dancing is no different. One hack I tell my students at the end of the very first, Salsa level 1 class, is to practice your basics as you go about your day. Brushing your teeth? Practice your forward and back basics. Waiting for the subway or bus? Practice your forward and back basics. Talking on the phone? Practice your Salsa basics. Practice your Salsa basics over and over until it becomes muscle memory.

This is the most important and probably most underrated thing any beginner Salsa dancer can do. Most dancers focus on the turns, the fancy moves, and the dips. The reality is that when you look at professional dancers, what they’ll do more than anything else is forward and back basics.  It’s the foundation of everything.

There are many things you can do to make practicing your basics even easier.  Here are a few.

Practice to Music

Turn on some Salsa music and dance! You can visit our YouTube Channel, and access our beginner-friendly playlist. Stick to the rhythm and do you forward and back basics. Build that muscle memory.

Take Small Steps

Salsa is fast! In order to keep up keep your steps small. Try not to pass your toes and your heels.

It is so much easier! It is not leg day – don’t do lunges. You want to be able to dance for 3, 4 or 5 hours at a social, not just one dance and then your are exhausted.

Bend your Knees and Hips

I like to think of it as a the T-Rex position. You can also imagine you are leaning on a tall bar stool. This lowers your centre of gravity. When you are skating or rollerblading, you keep your knees bent in order to be more balanced. Salsa dancing is no different. Your knees and your hips act as shock absorbers. So if you keep this T-Rex position, it is easier to stay upright.

Look Up!

Now I don’t mean look at the ceiling. But at least look at your partner. When you first start dancing, everyone believes that looking at your feet will make it easier. It’s a natural instinct but you have to fight it. You need to learn how it feels for your feet to make contact with the ground and focus on how your body feels vs. how your feet look. You will build that muscle memory more quickly.

There are so many more tips I can give you but honestly, just put on some Salsa music and dance! Have fun, and get your basics down so you are moving to the rhythm. Once you know your basics, all the fun and cool moves become that much easier.

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