In Bachata, you will feel like a good dancer earlier than in Salsa because it has 8 beats and Bachata because it’s 4 beats.

The beats just come a little bit faster in Bachata than in Salsa. So, if you’re looking to feel really quickly to be a good dancer, Bachata would meet it.

Salsa is amazing, it just takes a bit more work. But once you’ve done Salsa, a lot of the other dances just came a little bit easier. Plus, Salsa opens up a lot more Latin doors. Anywhere you travel in the world, Salsa is still the predominant big dance than Bachata, that in any country they are dancing. It just really depends on your confidence and how you feel about yourself.

I’ve met dancers who finished level two, level three. They feel that they’re good dancers and they’re satisfied. They’re satisfied with their progress and they’re happy to be on the dance floor. I’ve met some students who feel good in their after finishing level 1. They’re already going out to the parties. They’re already dancing and they’re feeling great.

Good is so relative, if you’re talking about professionally good that takes a long time. If you’re talking about good as in you can go out, can partner up and not feel lost. I’ll tell you from the leader’s perspective, it starts to feel really good as a Salsa dancer in Level 3 and Bachata around level 2. You’ll learn enough moves that you feel confident you’re going to give a good experience to your partner. For followers it’s about the same, I’d say level two or three there’s a lot more demand on the leader because they need to know the most.

As a follower, we focus a lot on level two and level three on styling so that you’re not really being pushed around but you’re adding something to the dance. I would say around level three, but if you’re into social dancing, you go to the nightclubs and come to our parties. I would define it as being able to come to a dance club and not just feel overwhelmed and that’s a combination of taking classes up to level two, three and even going higher.

The higher you go, the more confident you’ll feel. And also social dancing, that’s a key! I find that there are a lot of students who do high levels that still don’t feel good as dancers. Part of it is just practice. Part of it is accepting and embracing that good is a spectrum and you don’t have to be perfect to feel good.

So, I would encourage all the students to continue to learn, to always continue to learn and to be open to the experience that you could consider yourself good in level one and you can consider so good in level three.

It all really depends on how much you let yourself be uncomfortable, how quickly you want to learn. I found that the level one students at the beginning who boils and parties, for example, they get better faster. It’s just more dance time, more practice time versus students will go up to level five and never go out dancing and only do one hour once a week.

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