All of our registrations done online, so the answer is no.

This helps us organize this school and make it an amazing experience for every single person that joins. Part of what we offer in our school as a group experience is to make sure that the numbers are balanced. That means the ratio between the leaders and the followers are equal.

When people register online, I know how many leaders there are and I know how many followers. So if we have, let’s say, ten leaders and six followers, I will add four followers into that class to make sure that the numbers are balanced. Also, it prevents the chaos of first day registration…dealing with payments…etc.

The last thing that we want is for you or the instructor to worry about any last-minute payments that we have to take care of and help you with. We want you to be able to come in and have a smooth class experience. When you register online, sort of like buying a movie ticket online, all you need to do is just walk through the door and show your ticket and then you’re in and the lesson starts.

The third reason why we ask people to register online is because our classes sell out and we even have waiting lists for our classes. The maximum capacity of our class is 40 students. Sometimes we’ll have 48 students register and those eight students are on a waiting list. Definitely, if you tried to come in person and there’s a waiting list, there is no way that you’d be able to get into a class. So when you register online, we guarantee that we save you a spot that you have and a place that you #belong!

Now if you have any trouble registering online or maybe I didn’t answer fully the question that you were looking to get answered, then email us. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can to answer any other questions.

If there is a question, dancing or school-related, you want me to answer, please leave it in the comments below. And if you want to take classes with us, click REGISTER NOW.

Welcome to the family.