Unless we live under a rock most of us have viewed a You Tube Video. In the last month or so I have thought about the role of You Tube a lot, especially in relation to salsa. And then I read a blog post that made me laugh and think and I thought I would share it with you. Click here to read the article by Salsa Gigolo. Not sure who he is but he is here in Toronto and the posts are amusing and interesting.

What is interesting is the stages of salsa. I was once at the completely addicted, couldn’t function without dancing 7 days a week, can’t think about anything else but salsa, stage. That stage can’t possibly last forever. First of all, I was sick all the time. I couldn’t understand why such a young, healthy girl who exercises all the time by dancing 30 hours a week would be sick all the time. I am quite sure I underestimated the value of sleep 🙂 Averaging 3-4hrs per night for the first year of dancing had me struggling with pneumonia, bronchitis, and every imaginable cold. And still I would dance every night!

Now if I had You Tube back then, I may have stayed home a little more surfing the video clips looking for great salsa dancing and instructional clips. I was so hungry for salsa info back then and if there was less than a tenth as much videos, blogs, websites and information online back then as there is now, I would be in salsa online heaven!

I know many of my students are religious You Tube viewers. On the show “The View” last week the young host talked about having You Tube dates with her husband where they sat together on a Friday night and surfed through videos, sharing the best ones with each other.

It is interesting to see this movement recently. I am pleased that my students have so much more info available to them and hopefully we can have even more salsa info online soon!