I am often asked why we don’t offer drop in classes. Many people have unpredictable schedules and can’t commit to a 9 week consistent group class. Others just don’t want to and like the flexibility of drop ins.

This is how I feel about drop ins. When you have different people coming in every week with different skills and knowledge it is very hard to keep everyone happy and keep the class progressive. With a group class everyone has the same syllabus to learn. You review last week’s work, you learn new material that complements your prior learning and then you put it together with everything else you have learned. This is truly the best way to learn. It is progressive and you will notice your development. There is a pattern to the learning that is optimal and you will see a difference quickly.

Drop ins definitely have their place but are really move geared towards those who already know what they are doing and are looking to learn a new turn pattern or move. That is why we have club classes available at our bi-weekly outing – to get that fix. Please don’t attempt drop in classes as a beginner. Commit to learning properly and you will see how quickly you progress!