Dancing Salsa will make you feel like nothing you have ever experienced.

I am Latina, and in my culture, dancing is part of our life. It’s not something you would describe as popular or special; it’s just something you do. It can be Merengue, Bachata, Cumbia, Bolero, you just dance and enjoy. Most people don’t even dance with a specific style.

But when it comes to Salsa, there is a certain magic that we all recognize.

When a couple knows how to dance Salsa properly, the rest opens a little circle around them and showers the dancers with encouragement and admiration. Suddenly other skilled Salsa dancers join the private party; the rest celebrate but don’t participate.

Dancing Salsa, even in Latin culture, will make you part of a different tribe. You stand out from the rest but become one with your fellow dancers.  Being part of a community is one of the reasons why Salsa is popular, but I would like to mention a couple more reasons why Salsa attracts so many people.

We are all equal on the dance floor.

If an advanced dancer reads this, they would probably think otherwise, but I’m not talking about skills and experience.  There is a clear difference between a beginner and a seasoned dancer. The style, the ability, and the variety of moves differ depending on the dancer’s trajectory.

However, we all share a love for Salsa dance, and we appreciate those who love it. When we dance, we look for that feeling of connection and joy.  We are not paying attention to those things that make us different, but we focus on the rhythm, the passion, and the flow of the dance.

Therefore I believe Salsa dancing is popular because everyone willing to learn is welcomed in the community. In the beginning, learning to dance Salsa can be challenging, but if you persevere, you will have your chance to experience the excitement of Salsa dance.

Salsa dance creates a space to appreciate and embrace other dancers.

Who doesn’t want to feel seen beyond the obvious?  Who doesn’t want to feel valued for the effort and commitment despite the imperfections of our moves?

In my experience, when I do my best to follow the lead, when I smile at my partner despite his unclear direction and when I’m respectful of my partner’s skill level, my dances always end with a warm hug. Then, once the song is over, I’m even more ready for my next dance, committed to creating a good moment for my dance partner and myself.

Dancers become friends and create beautiful relationships.

You can create your place in the dancing community. If you are constant, you will make friends and soon feel confident to ask anyone for a dance, even those advanced dancers. Most likely, they would accept and even teach you a move or two.

You don’t need a partner to start dancing Salsa because friendships usually blossom on the dance floor. Girls make plans to go out and rehearse new moves; guys feel confident to exchange tips and even practice their moves with each other—the dance venues bubble with smiles, hugs and great energy.

And sometimes, when the energy and chemistry are right, dancers become friends, friends become lovers, and lovers become couples and life partners. So love is, for many, part of the experience of dancing Salsa.

Salsa is so popular because everyone can try it and learn it, and with some practice, everyone can experience the flow, the energy and the passion of Salsa dance.

Salsa is fun, exciting, and sexy.

Dancing Salsa offers you the chance to be part of a unique community where you will find friendship and even love.

Do you need more reasons to start dancing Salsa?

I can give you hundreds of reasons. Salsa can bring so many good things into your life, but you will only discover it when you start. So maybe come dance with us and find your reason to love Salsa.

I can’t wait to welcome you to our big family, have you come in week to week, have fun, connect with new friends and let loose to amazing Latin songs. Click here to check our current schedule.

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