Do I Need a Partner to Learn Salsa?

You want to learn Salsa but you don’t know anyone else who wants to learn and you don’t have a partner. That’s okay! We are here to help. Even better news – you don’t need a dance partner to learn Salsa. Below are three easy ways you can learn Salsa without a partner.

Join a Dance School that will find you a Partner

You are looking for a school that runs Salsa classes like a course, not drop-ins. During drop-in classes the numbers of leaders and followers may be unbalanced. You may spend more time observing than dancing. But if the classes are run like a course, the school tries to ensure that everyone has a partner.

For example, in our school, 80% of our students sign up as singles. So we ensure numbers are balanced and everyone has a partner. And you rotate so leaders and followers get the added bonus of dancing with lots of different people.

You Can Learn the Basic Steps on your Own

There are a million YouTube videos to learn the basic steps of Salsa. Once you’ve watched a couple of videos, the easiest thing to do is to turn on some Salsa music and start to practice at home. Do it while you’re waiting for the bus or subway, while you are making dinner – whenever you have the time.  The videos are probably easier to follow than written instructions but I will break down the basics of Salsa for you.

Salsa has eight counts and the most common style of Salsa is called LA Salsa. This is what we teach at Toronto Dance Salsa. It is also called “on one” Salsa.  Start with your feet together.  This is your “home.”  Leaders step forward with your left foot on the one count, on the spot with your right foot on two and on three you bring your left foot back home.  You pause on four. Then on five you take your right foot back, on six you will step in place with your left and on seven you step back home on your right. Pause on eight.  Followers’ steps are the same but you mirror the leaders so you start by stepping back. Rinse and repeat.  But honestly, watch the videos – it will be even easier.

Go to a Latin Nightclub

First a word of warning.  If you’ve never danced Salsa, going to a  Latin nightclub can be intimidating. But if you want to dip your toes into Salsa and are open to adventure then going to a nightclub is a great idea. Most nightclubs have lessons at the beginning of each night. Do some research and see if it is beginner-friendly and then go and enjoy! Most people who go to the nightclubs go as singles so you will have a wealth of partners.

If a nightclub seems a little too intimidating, go to a Salsa Social run by a dance school.  For example, at Toronto Dance Salsa we have socials on Saturdays, Sundays, and Wednesdays. At the Saturday Socials, we do beginner-friendly lessons that are drop in. Those are fun as well. And most people come on their own.

So you don’t need a dance partner to learn Salsa. But of course, everything is more fun with company. So join your nearest dance school and start! Don’t be embarrassed to go solo. You will make friends and connections in class as you dance.

I can’t wait to welcome you to our big family, have you coming in weekly, having fun, socializing, and letting loose to amazing Latin songs. Click here to check our current schedule.

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