Three words come to mind when thinking about Bachata, easy, sexy and fun. So let’s break it down.

Bachata is easy.

Of all the Latin styles of dancing you could learn, Bachata is in the top three easiest dances, only surpassed by Merengue which is number one, and Bachata will be number two.

The basic steps are a side shuffle with a tap and a side shuffle. It is six steps with two taps, and learning them is easy. The students advance quickly in ability and confidence. By the end of Bachata level 1 at our school, you know how to dip a follower, while in Salsa, we only learn how to dip followers in level 5.

This example can illustrate how the learning curve is easier and faster in Bachata. Even if you miss a beat in Bachata, it’s easier to catch. Because rhythmically, the beats are even.

Bachata is sexy.

I invite you to put on some Bachata music. Choose famous Bachata singers such as Daniel Santacruz,  Toby Love, or Prince Royce and by listening to one of their songs you will feel the passion.  Their songs are stories describing intense adventures and love encounters, close dances, and deep feelings. That is why Bachata is the music of the heart.

Bachata is like being in an intimate moment; lights are down with someone special as you flow and connect intimately. Now I do want to make one thing clear. It doesn’t mean you have to be intimate with everyone, but Bachata creates a different energy. Think of Barry White, the singer; Love is always in the air when you’re dancing Bachata.

Bachata is fun.

Every Latin dance is fun, but Bachata is even more engaging because it’s also playful. If you put on the traditional style of Bachata music, also called Dominican Bachata, you will see that It’s highly energetic with many guitar accents. But, likewise, you can dance to modern Bachata and practice sexy moves. With Bachata, you can move fast or slow, but you can’t sit still, especially when positive people surround you.  Bachata attracts fun-loving people, so you can’t help but have a great time when you’re learning Bachata with your classmates. This isn’t you doing your taxes, as you will learn something exciting and challenging.

On the contrary, you will be laughing, connecting, and learning cool, new moves every time at our dance school.

Bachata is amazing, but it’s easiest to experience it by yourself. Just sign up for your first class. Then come and check it out. We have a YouTube playlist that you can access through our website. Listen to it, and then you’ll just really understand the feeling, the energy and the connection you’ll soon have with other people.

I can’t wait to welcome you to our big family, have you come in week to week, have fun, connect with new friends and let loose to amazing Latin songs. Click here to check our current schedule.

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