How Long Does it Take to Learn Bachata?

It really comes down to how much time you have and whether you’re going to do group lessons or private lessons. But here are some tips to help you manage your expectations.

Group Lessons.  Group lessons are amazing because you don’t get overwhelmed at any given moment.  To learn basic Bachata steps and how to turn yourself and your partner it can take anywhere from 20 to 40 minutes. This is actually quite quick. Bachata does not have as long a learning curve as Salsa.  In order to dance two or three songs and keep yourself and your partner entertained it  takes approximately two to three classes. It takes about five to nine classes in order to do basic combinations. Those are one hour classes at our school.  But the best part of group classes at Toronto Dance Salsa is that at  the end of every class, we dim the lights at our studio and all the students dance a whole song. So we have a mini social at the end of every class. To dance the basics of Bachata, you don’t need much. Single turns and side to side basics will take you far in Bachata.

Private lessons. Private lessons are by far the quickest way to learn Bachata. If you need to learn quickly for an upcoming event or trip or something then choosing private lessons might be right for you.  You can learn to dance to a few songs in anywhere from two to four private one-hour lessons. What’s great about private lessons of course is it’s just you and the instructor. It’s like you hire a personal trainer.  When you have a personal trainer versus watching something on YouTube, you will learn and improve faster. It’s more efficient. And on average one private lesson will cover three hours of group lessons in terms of content. So it’s an expedited way to learn if you are in a massive rush.

Why Group Lessons are Better.  I always encourage people not to do private lessons. If there is a special event like  a wedding coming up or something else very time restrictive then private lessons are the right choice. But in general, group lessons are better. In group lessons you will experience a sense of community and connection and make new friends. Even if you sign up as a couple for group lessons,  just being around other people and experiencing that energy and excitement is incredible.  Privates are great for performances and many other things, but they’re not anywhere near as fun.

The Long View.  Ultimately, after 12 years of dancing, I’m still learning so much more about Bachata. There are different levels in Bachata, and once you get started, you get addicted. There is always more to learn and experience. It’s kind of like asking how long does it take to be fit? Well, it depends on your goal. In general, most people will feel comfortable around Level Two of Bachata at our school. At that point they feel they can go to a social, they can flow, they can stay entertained. As a follower you don’t get overwhelmed with the majority of moves you experience. And so that’s a good general bar for feeling like you can actually dance.

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