Honestly, my answer is a long story about a lack of self-confidence.

When I was at weddings, when I was at my graduation dance, when my friends would drag me to clubs, I was a wallflower. I didn’t know how to move my body. From a guy’s perspective, I just didn’t feel like much of a guy. I felt like I can’t dance with a girl and it was really hard. I felt trapped inside my body and so I got sick and tired of it.

I joined the Toronto Dance Salsa in 2009 out of just desperation. That if nobody taught me how to move my body, if nobody taught me how to keep up with the beat maybe I can go and learn somewhere. Maybe I can join a school and someone can teach me.

It wasn’t easy.

I want to tell you that I started at this school and did salsa level one. It was amazing and I crushed it. But I remember after finishing salsa level one, I ran home and told my mom told her that I didn’t get it and I need some money because I want to repeat level one.

Confidence is the biggest thing I gained.

I believe that dancing is in our DNA. Since when were little kids, when music comes on, we want to move our bodies. As we grow up, we learn that shaking our bodies isn’t enough because people can laugh at us.

Dancing is one of the most vulnerable things you can do in life. You’re dancing and it’s almost like you’re naked in front of other people expressing what you are hearing and feeling it with your body. It was hard for me but through hard work, I learned. So that’s what I want to tell you, confidence is one of the biggest things. You get self-confidence.

I still got a lot of room to grow, but definitely I’m way more confident now. There are many things you’ll get out of the answer. You can meet your potential partner. If you have a partner, it’s a way to renew your love for each other. In a culture that’s so isolated and everyone feels lonely, you get to have a genuine connection with classmates.

People really underestimate the feeling of touch, holding someone and just connecting with them. Honestly, I can tell you a ton of things, but the biggest of all is this. If you’re asking that question, just jump in and find out for yourself how amazing it is to be a dancer and to be part of the dance community.

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Welcome to the family.