What to Look for in a Good Dance School

Twelve years ago, when I Googled “Salsa classes near me” and I stumbled on the school that I now run, I got super lucky. But over years of taking dance classes with many other schools, I finally figured out what it takes for you to have a great time and what a good school should offer. So here are some tips about what to look for in a good dance school.

Consistent Classes

I’m not a big fan of drop-in classes. They can work if you have a very complicated schedule or if you are doing a solo style of dance like hip-hop. But for Salsa classes or Bachata classes or any kind of dance involving partner work, consistency is best. This way you feel like you are progressing. Where you are stretching yourself a little but don’t feel overwhelmed.

So for example at Toronto Dance Salsa our introductory class is called Salsa Level One and it is a progressive class. You come in each week and you are familiar with your classmates, you feel comfortable with your instructor and there’s consistency. You can build on the knowledge you gain from one class to the next. Very quickly you will be able to go to a nightclub and dance. And that’s the goal – to feel good, to connect with others, to flow. So the first tip in finding a good dance school is to find one that offers consistent classes. 

Welcoming Environment

Positive vibes and a welcoming environment go a long way. Sometimes I forget that the welcoming and positive environment at Toronto Dance Salsa is not the same at every school. As a beginner, you are vulnerable. You are like a little kid who is doing something uncomfortable. The last thing you want is to feel judged. When choosing a school, look at Google reviews. What are people saying about the instructors? The reviews will be the most honest assessment and insight into the school. Do words like energy, fun, positivity and connection keep popping up? Those are good signs. So my second tip for finding a good dance school is to look for a school with a welcoming environment. 


When you join a dance school, you’re joining a community. Look for dance schools that have socials and parties and provide ways for students to connect. When I joined dance classes, I did not just want to learn cool dance moves and become more confident in my body. Those were both great but what I wanted was connection to others. In doing your research, look at the Google reviews and on their website and ask yourself if you get a sense of community and connection. The memories of how you felt in dance classes will be much stronger than the memories of what you were taught. Feeling like you #belong, that you are a part of something is the best. So look for a dance school and Salsa classes where you feel like you’re part of something bigger. So my final tip in finding a good dance school is to choose one with a community where you feel like you #belong. 

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