What is Sensual Bachata? 

This question gets asked a lot on phone calls and in classes. But your perception of what Sensual Bachata is and reality are two different things.  Here is a guide to the Bachata you see, what Sensual Bachata actually is and what you might want to learn.

The Sensual Bachata You See

You may have gone on YouTube and seen Bachata dancers like Daniel and Desiree or even gone to a nightclub and seen a couple dancing together. The leader is executing these intimate, incredibly sexy, and sensual moves. The couple is flowing and vibing together. Immediately, you think “Wow! I want to feel that confident and be that smooth. That’s the energy I want to channel.” You are seeing two dancers that are incredibly confident in themselves and in each other, and they are connecting on a deep level. You would think I’m describing Sensual Bachata but actually, I’m just describing Bachata.

What Sensual Bachata Really Is 

Bachata. That’s it. What most people describe as Sensual Bachata has evolved from modern Bachata, and added more musicality and influences from Zouk and Hip Hop. Sensual Bachata is when two dancers get a bit more intimate. But it has nothing to do with the moves or the isolations or any of the other awesome moves you see. Sensual Bachata is about connection and intimacy but it has nothing to do with romance. You can have an intimate conversation with a great friend but not be romantically involved. You can also have a life partner with whom you struggle to have intimate conversations. So sensual does not equal romantic and Sensual Bachata is just Bachata with two confident dancers.

The Bachata you Want to Learn

Chances are what you really want is what I described earlier. You want to learn to feel smooth and confident and connect to your partner.  You want to experience the freedom and flow you see in others and be able to move your body to the music. You want to feel sexy and energized and all of those amazing things. So my suggestion is to learn modern Bachata.

Why? Because when you have a great connection with someone, the sensual nature of Bachata will come out. It is all the awesome stuff you see in clubs and on videos. At higher levels you will learn things like rib cage rolls, body waves, musicality and so much more. These are all components of what people think of as Sensual Bachata. So expand your horizons. Sensual Bachata is a small part of the bigger and wonderful world of Bachata. That’s a good place to start.

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