Tips for better Leading in Bachata

So you want to get better at leading Bachata? I used to think being a better Bachata dancer is all about how many moves I know. But, it’s like saying you are a better speaker if you know more words than someone else. Right, doesn’t make sense, so I am here to help give you a couple of tips to get better. If you are a Beginner or Intermediate dancer in Bachata, just applying one tip will make a massive difference.

1. Read their level

The most common mistake when Leading in Bachata is forcing a combination. You learned something cool on Youtube and now you want to try it on the dance floor. Hold your horses! Is your follower actually comfortable with the move, are they at the right level? If you want to get better at at leading then learn to read your partner’s level. The best way is to start a dance by starting slow and gradually increase the complexity of your dance moves. This helps you get better at adapting to your partner instead of forcing your partner to adapt to you.

2. Dance on Beat

I know this one seems obvious but even intermediate Bachata leaders pick fancy dips of dancing on beat. Your follower will always prefer a dancer who dances on beat and is a beginner than an advanced dancer who is off. How can you get better? Try using this PlayList we made and actively listen to the music. One trick to hear the beat is listen to when the music (either instruments or singer) rise in energy. There is a flow to Bachata, learn to listen to it.

3. Ask for Feedback

It’s hard to get better at leading in Bachata if you never ask for feedback. When I was starting out, I would often ask my followers how was the dance. Most times they won’t be able to tell you something specific but the few times I got some gold. Things like: smaller steps, softer hand hold, smile more…yep even that one was told to me.

There are many more tips for better leading in Bachata but maybe you want to learn to feel a bit more confident as well? Here is a great article to read that can help whether you’re learning Bachata or Salsa.

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