I hear it constantly…”Bachata is such a great dance”, “I love dancing Bachata”, “Can we learn some more bachata?”. People love Bachata! And so it should be – with a romantic, slow, sexy feel to it, Bachata is widely played in salsa clubs and is gaining in popularity.

I can definitely understand the draw. Salsa is by far my favourite dance – it is complicated, fast, challenging, musically interesting and no dancer is a like. But Bachata is enjoyable for completely different reasons. You don’t have to think. You can close your eyes and enjoy the rhythm, the movement, your partner and the simple moves. The simplicity of the dance allows for more body movement and especially if you are dancing knee to knee it is a very sensual close dance.

Click here for a great post about Bachata, it’s history, some videos and even some music. I enjoyed reading the article and watching the video demos and hopefully you will too.

For a great night of Bachata dancing join us this Friday, August 24th at 8:30pm at Plaza Flamingo. Alex Bello, famouse Bachata singer, will be performing at 11:30pm. There will be a beginner and intermediate Bachata workshop from 8:30-9:30pm and salsa/merengue/bachata social dancing between. Cover is only $10.

See you then!