When I started salsa dancing about 8 years ago salsa competitions were in abundance. That was what you strived for – the idea that one day you would be good enough to compete. Now when I speak of competitions they were not the formal ballroom competitions you may have heard of or seen. Salsa competitions are usually held in clubs around the city and are quite “underground” when compared to ballroom or other types of dance competitions.

However informal the competitions were, there were lots of them. The big one was the Berlin competition but most salsa clubs had some sort of informal competition throughout the year. It really was a great way for amateurs, semi pros and pros to get together, show their stuff and battle it out for great salsa-related prizes. It gave salsa dancers a goal to strive for and beginners something to look forward to seeing and one day participating.

We held a great competition several months ago and I was very proud of the competitors and their improvement and progression. I hope to hold another one same time next year (Feb – May). Not sure if I will keep it the same structure in terms of having only Toronto Dance Salsa students or if I will open it up to all students (your feedback is always appreciated). I encourage other schools/clubs/organizations to renew this great competitive sport and put Toronto on the map for great salsa dancing!