The short answer is, we actually don’t rent our studio space anymore.

We haven’t in about six or seven years. There’s a bunch of reasons for it.

One main reason was just the logistics because we run our own classes to fit a time and take up our dance studio with another instructor who’s not part of our school. We found that it’s not worth it. We work hard to make it an amazing experience for all our students. When students walk through our door, we put our reputation on every single class. We worked hard to have a great reputation.

Another reason is when an instructor that’s not part of our school rents the space we are still feel responsible for their students experience. One time a group of students held us responsible for their instructors bad experience and wanted refunds. We offered refunds on behalf of the other instructor and paid out of our own pocket because we care about everyone who walks through our studio. So, because of all of that, we don’t rent our space.

We say that if you’re going to walk through our space, all the instructors are trained by us. All the helpers are trained by us and we make sure that everyone who walks in has a Toronto Dance Salsa #belong experience. They feel the culture, they feel the love and all that takes a lot of work, so we don’t rent out our space.

Now, if you’re an instructor who’s looking to start up, maybe the other option is just to reach out to us. See if maybe you want to work with us so we will hire you as a TDS instructor. We have a lot of opportunities in a lot of great dances. Reach out to us. Send us your resume, send us your dance video, whatever it is that’s going to show the best of you and the best of what you represent. We’ll have a look, meet for a cup of coffee and talk.

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Welcome to the family.