Yesterday I discussed some tips that female students can use to become better followers and dancers. Here are a few more.

Back leading is not a good habit to allow yourself to indulge in. Many beginner female students back lead which means they try to control the dance – they assume a move is taking place and will lead themselves in it. Because they don’t concentrate on it right from the beginning it becomes a difficult habit to break as they progress and they will find men will not enjoy dancing with them as much.

Remember that it is not your role to lead. Your role is to follow and look great doing it. A great tip to combat back leading is to close your eyes when you feel you are starting the habit. Let your partner tell you when you begin and as soon as you do, close your eyes and allow your partner to guide you. If you are back leading because your partner is not leading you properly, then verbally tell him what you need as opposed to moving his arms for him.

The other thing you could try to do to avoid back leading is to concentrate on your styling – the way you look, your posture, your arm movements, your body movement from knees, to hips, to rib cage to shoulders and your facial expression. Concentrating on your own areas will help avoid back leading.

The last thing to note is that men who learn with a partner who has back led them will end up suffering from this as they will not be able to lead another dancer assertively and quickly enough. So stick to your role, ladies, and after the first month or two you will see a noticeable difference in yourself and your partner!