When you think about getting into shape, exercising, and living a healthy life, you automatically think about diet and hitting the gym. So naturally, the thought of running on the treadmill, lifting weights, and getting a personal trainer comes to mind.

So for those of us who want to live a healthier life but we struggle to hit our health goals – what tends to hold us back and throw us off of our health journey is simply, a lack of consistency.

Because there are times you are motivated to make things happen, to cut those extra pounds, to reduce the stress in your life, or to be proud of the way you look, and we’re really into it…until we’re not.  Somewhere along the way, the motivation fades, willpower is gone, and we return to old patterns. Why? Well, mostly because we’re building health routines and practices that we simply don’t enjoy. We don’t like them.  They’re not fun.

So the question becomes, how can you move more and focus on living a healthier life, while also having a ton of fun?

We know that great health is about more than just doing some cardio or lifting weights. Great health is also about positively engaging your brain and emotions – while you move – for a well-rounded and balanced life.  Salsa dancing not only helps you move and stay healthy on every level, but it also gives you the connection to others, the sense of community, and the feeling that you belong that frankly, your average gym just won’t give you. 

With the right environment and mindset, salsa dancing helps you get total health: body, mind, and soul!

Here are just three of the many health benefits that come out of joining salsa dance classes.

1. Salsa dancing gets you moving while having fun

Let’s face it: many of us want to lose a little extra weight, which makes the gym the seemingly natural choice to burn those extra calories. But salsa dancing lessons give you the chance to supplement or replace your standard workout with something more engaging, exciting, and fun. 

At Toronto Dance Salsa, our salsa dance classes are designed to get you moving, laughing, and growing from day one.  Yes, dancing will help increase your circulation and improve your stamina – but more than that it will become something that you look forward to each and every week.  We often have students come in and use our classes as a starting point they need to lose weight, to build their confidence, and to make new friends; we regularly hear people say that this is the best hour of their week.

2. Immerses you in a positive mind-body-mood exercise 
Take one look at the joy on the faces of our students in our salsa dance classes, and you will see a spark and glow that’s missing from the faces of typical gym members.

Our salsa classes engage your mind, your body, and your spirit as you learn the steps and overall movements of this beautiful Latin dance style. Learning salsa steps while being a part of our upbeat community allows you and your classmates to let your guard down, to put yourself out there, and to celebrate who you are – while moving to the beat of some Latin tunes.

3. Salsa dancing targets your core

Just because you aren’t lifting weights or performing circuits doesn’t mean you aren’t targeting your major muscle groups. Our instructors are mindful of our students’ total health, so we love seeing the developments and breakthroughs that come as students develop their lower body and core – what once was hard becomes easier – and over the course of a single trimester we see students use their newfound sense of confidence and strength to grow in other areas of their lives: their diet, romantic life, and career.

Salsa dance classes won’t replace the gym, they both have their place. 

If you’re serious about going to the gym and it’s a regular thing for you – our classes are not going to replace your workouts.  But for those of us who are not working out regularly – for whatever reason – picking up a new skill and a hobby that gets you out, connects you with great people, and gets you moving is a win, win, win.

Because at the end of the day total health is about taking a break from the everyday stresses of life, getting your heart pumping, making new friends, romantic or otherwise, laughing, smiling, and walking out of our studio after an hour of fun thinking, “I feel great!”

Want to learn more about our Salsa Dance Classes and try something new? We have a Salsa Level One class starting soon! https://torontodancesalsa.ca/salsa-1/