An amazing salsa dance studio is so much more than just gaining skills and techniques, it’s about laughter, fun, and being entertained as you learn.

We see it with the start of each semester, there is this beautiful transformation that our new students go through that’s hard to describe. They come into a class for the first time a little shy, a little nervous, thinking that they’re about to be tested for their coordination and skills…and within minutes their worries fade away and we can see the start of something special.

At our core, everyone is worried about what others will think of us.  Unfortunately, we allow the fear of others’ judgment to turn us into wallflowers. But in a great salsa dance studio, it should be a judgement-free zone. When you’re in an environment full of people who are super accepting, surrounded by people who are all there to learn like you, you can’t help but see and feel…”maybe nobody really cares how I look and I can just have fun?” All dancers, no matter their experience, are able to seize the moment and build a level of confidence in themselves they didn’t know they had.

Just think of it, when you are part of the right tribe you feel free enough to be yourself, make new friends, and learn kickass skills through salsa dancing.

Anyone, at any age, with any level of experience, can learn to salsa dance.

We don’t come into this world as an expert at anything. Sure, some people have a bit more natural talent at different activities…but what makes each of us special is that we can gain new skills in the many things we don’t have a natural talent for. 

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” 

Of course, trying something new can spark self-doubt, which is your mind’s way of protecting yourself. Go way back to the days of the cave people, where the feeling of danger came from a lion’s roar.  And now the only roar we hear is our internal voice shouting at us, “I’m going to make a fool of myself!” 

Your imagination can run wild, but just remember there is no danger.  The roar isn’t real. And you will not only survive but thrive and have fun while you learn to dance.

Facing your fears head-on shifts your thinking from distractions to confidence. 

At TDS it’s all about the small wins.

We don’t want you to worry or stress out about becoming a professional salsa dancer. Learning anything takes a level of excitement, engagement, encouragement, and then practice and repetition. 

At Toronto Dance Salsa, you’ll develop your skills through time and practice, so what you should focus on is not “I got it perfect,” but instead, “I am able to do it faster now!” That’s why learning in an environment where you feel like you fit in, feel great and #belong, an environment that we’ve worked so hard to create gives you the chance to learn at your own pace.

And accomplishing small goals like nailing a turn, learning a new combination, or making a connection with a partner won’t just be a celebration for yourself, it will be a celebration with your new tribe!

You can do anything you set your mind to.

Learning salsa dancing, like most of the obstacles in our life is about so much more than gaining skills and techniques.  And like all the other obstacles we face in life, stepping on the dance floor for the first time comes down to our beliefs.  If you’re here, reading this right now then you obviously have an interest in trying something new, so what’s stopping you?

The only way to fight that “I’m not good enough” feeling, the only way to make new connections, to laugh, to have fun, to be entertained as you learn, is to jump right into a salsa dance school that reminds you, “Yes, you are good enough. Yes, you can do this. Yes, it’s going to be a blast.”

So, are you ready to make some new friends and learn a fun new skill?  If so check out our Salsa Level 1 classes – we have a new class starting soon!