Sunday Socials

Whether you are too young to get into the salsa clubs or are just not ready confidence/skill wise, Sunday Salsa Socials are a great alternative.

I am so happy we decided to hold weekly practice sessions at Empress. It is such a nice … Read More

Our Grand Opening Party!

The party was a huge success and everyone had a blast.

I am still recovering from our Grand Opening Party this past Sunday. It was such a long day … Read More

Upcoming Salsa Events!

There are so many events both through Toronto Dance Salsa and though the City of Toronto's festivals.

Well I did say the summer is the best time to know how to dance salsa! There are … Read More

Peridot on Friday

Happy dancing!

Once again Peridot over-exceeded our expectations in terms of ambiance, service, space and turnout this past Friday at … Read More

El Rancho Last Night!

Learn new moves and have a blast!

It was amazing to see so many people in attendance yesterday at our outing to El Rancho. It … Read More

Helper Outing on Saturday

Next outing will definitely be more adventurous though so get ready for it!!

At the end of every semester I take the helpers out to do something special on me as … Read More