It was amazing to see so many people in attendance yesterday at our outing to El Rancho. It has been a while since we have visited El Rancho and the vibe was awesome. The DJ played some really energetic, fun salsa and people really burned the floor dancing all night! We had over 250 people attend and when we were leaving after being there for 5 hours people were still coming in!

Velina and Mildred taught the level 1 lesson upstairs and had a full floor of students. Evan and I taught downstairs a complicated turnpattern and even with the packed floor everyone seemed to get the combination.

It was great to see some old faces of past students as well as so many new students who were attending their first outing. I also loved seeing all the helpers and instructors in attendance showing some amazing new moves and styling – go team!

Our next outing is scheduled for Friday January 29 at 9:30pm at Plaza Flamingo. This will also be a huge outing as the helper team is performing at 11:15pm so come out to support them, learn new moves and have a blast!